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Basic Requirements The Instrument For Dart Impact Test As Per The ASTM D 1709

The plastic films are widely used in the packaging industries for the purpose of the packaging of different products. 

The plastic films are widely used in the packaging industries for the purpose of the packaging of different products. Mainly the food products are packaged in the high-density packaging films as they are flexible and can be molded into any shape. The integrity and strength of the plastic films that are used for packaging have a great impact on the safety of the products. The films need to be tested for any impact that could be levied on them during usage. This can help in ensuring the best security of the products packaged in the pouches. The Dart Impact test is one of the major impact tests that is used for testing the strength of the plastic films.

dart impact tester is used for testing the impact resistance of a plastic film. The test is conducted according to the standard ASTM S 1709. In order to perform the test according to the standard, it is essential that the testing instrument fulfills all the requirements stated in the standard. Here are some of the requirements.

  1. The instrument must have a dart well that is used for the purpose of venting having a diameter of 625 sq. mm.
  2. There must be a two piece annular clamping mechanism with an inner diameter of 125±2 mm incorporated in the machine to hold the specimen tightly.
  3. There must be an electromagnetic dart release mechanism that could help in holding and releasing the dart when needed.
  4. There must be a positioning device that could help in dropping the darts from two different heights of .66 m and 1.5mm for Method A and Method B respectively.
  5. There must be two darts with a diameter of 38 mm and 50 mm.

With the dart impact tester that fulfills all the above-mentioned requirements, the users can accurately perform the Dart Impact test on their materials to deliver high-quality products to the customers. Presto offers highly accurate dart impact testers along that are in strict compliance with the international standards and is capable of delivering consistently accurate test results.

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