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Get Automated Control over Bottle Cap Seal Test Process

Conclusion producers have been utilizing a similar quality control strategy for quite a while. Same old fixing chamber, advanced controls, administrator’s complete consideration and still stay with an inquiry over the nature of the item. NEXT is what? Have you at any point considered this? Advancement in conclusion/bottle top testing innovation has changed the manner in which the market used to think. They have raised the quality bars as well as expanded client desires. Along these lines, sitting back with the old box won’t support you. Pick the new innovation with straightforward controls with Presto Stantest.


We present, The Next Generation Model of Secure Seal Tester. An exceptionally propelled testing hardware with touchscreen and programming based controls. It is utilized in PET and Preform industry to review the nature of Bottle tops. It assesses the seal respectability of compartment conclusion and recognizes the even moment dimension of breaks. Reasonable for quality affirmation of terminations like aluminum move on, curve crowns, plastic tops and so forth.

The example conclusion can be effectively cinched Brass conclusion holder and embedded inside the test chamber. The chamber is made out of high malleable Plexiglass to experience most extreme pressure. Fill water in the chamber till a dimension, where the conclusion is plunged totally and seal the chamber by shutting the top. Presently begin the test utilizing the touchscreen control. Set parameters and start the test. Amid the procedure, in the event that you watch bubble arrangement in the water, the example fizzles the test and if no air pocket development is seen, it is considered as a passed test.

The Secure Seal Tester has a straightforward working procedure and offers an assortment of capacities to direct particular test modes. The whole test activity is controlled by means of HMI based touchscreen show. The screen control conforms to consent to IP65/NEMA4 principles and is CE and UL endorsed. Microchip based test procedure to guarantee high exactness in setting test parameters and achievement of the equivalent. Utilizations mechanized and bother free weight discharge component to test the example. The client can set weight, Inlet weight and pre-set clock from the touchscreen control and can lead repeatable testing to guarantee precision. Amid the test procedure, one can see a live weight versus Time diagram on the screen. Offers various program profile to structure your test procedure according to prerequisites. Guarantee simple test information the board. Test reports can be downloaded from USB entrance. The test outcomes can be seen ‘Live’ on screen. Exceedingly exact inbuilt alignment office accessible.

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