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Get Bottles Cut Uniformly To Measure Its Section Weight

All bottles have pushed up which means the centre of the bottom curves in inward direction to some degrees. This ensures that the bottle sits on the outer rim of the base or in the case of bottles for carbonated beverages on feet typically five. This centre pushes up always shrink outward to some degree. When it is hot after moulding, it moves out so much that it starts to project beyond limits of the outer rim. And the bottle rocks instead of standing straight. The main reason is that the residual air pressure within the bottle pushes the centre of the bottom out when the mold opens. PET Bottle Cutter is an ideal machine to provide quality and enhancing the productivity of PET bottles.

It is important to measure the distance of the centre of the bottle bottom to the feet, especially for carbonated beverages. Carbonation in the product applies pressure up to 70 psi within the bottle. This pressure pushes on the centre disk of the bottle base. Base clearance must be evaluated after every 2 hrs. The bottle quality needs more attention so that the products are safe in the bottles. The main concern at the time of manufacturing and checking quality of PET bottles are the balance of the bottles. Section weight analysis is the method to test quality flaws in bottles.

To protect products packaged in the PET bottles, its quality must be checked. Many attributes of plastic bottles contribute to quality. These attributes are the thickness of walls, section weight, transparency, distribution of strain, base clearance etc. To provide better service to the customer, it is important that these features must be satisfied. A major test conducted on the PET bottles is section weight analysis.

Section weight analysis is performed to analyse the uniform distribution of weight in several sections of the bottles with respect to its size and diameters. The bottle is cut in several sections that are top. Bottom and cylinder by not distorting the sections of the bottle.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is used in PET manufacturing industries to cut the bottles for section weight analysis. It is an extremely efficient testing machine that cuts the bottles without deforming the bottles. It has a digital controller to attain repeatable and stable testing procedure to help in accurate analysis of section weight.

Presto offers best quality Hot Wire Bottle Cutters all over the world. They are the leading manufactures and supplier if this testing instrument.

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