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Provide Your Customers The Best Accuracy Of Dimensions With Go-No-Go Gauges

The accuracy of dimensions such as diameter is a major aspect of quality for the PET bottles. 

The accuracy of dimensions such as diameter is a major aspect of quality for the PET bottles. The manufacturers need to ensure that the bottles they provide to the customers have accurate dimensions as the dimensions have a great impact on the capacity and efficiency of the bottles. As the PET bottles are produced in very large quantities, there is a need for a fast method to check the accuracy of the PET bottles. The GO-NO-GO gauges are the best methods to check the dimension accuracy of the PET bottles with great precision and in a very fast manner. The manufacturers of PET bottles used the GO-NO-GO gauges extensively to confirm that the PET bottles have accurate dimensions.

The GO-NO-GO gauges are a set of different gauges with holes. One of the gauges has positive tolerances which are called GO gauge, and the other has negative tolerances which are called NO-GO gauge. The PET bottles are inserted in these gauges and those who pass the gauges are further preceded for other processes.

Key Features of Presto’s GO-NO-GO gauges

  1. The gauges are manufactured with perfectly designed depth, holes dimensions, thickness, and length.
  2. There are internal and external thread supports provided in the gauges.
  3. The grooved shafts of the gauges have accurate radius and angles.

Technical features of Presto’s GO-NO-GO gauges

  1. The gauges are available in combination with 38 mm and 28 mm Pet bottles with a capacity of 2 liters.
  2. The instrument is manufactured with UNF type of 2B with a thread size of 0-80.
  3. The instrument can be used for testing the accuracy of threads, spacing, and the outer diameter of the test samples.

With the GO-NO-GO gauge offered by Presto, the manufacturers of PET bottles can easily be ensured that the dimensions of the PET bottles they are supplying to the customers are of best accuracy. The GO-NO-GO gauge offered by Presto is the best and the fastest method to test the accuracy of the PET bottles dimension with great precision.

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