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Test Strength of Carbonated Bottles to Withstand Pressure

The period of validity of carbonated beverages depends on the carbon dioxide retention performances of the PET bottle. The commercial life of such products is undermined by cracking and ruptures of the material that happen under prescribed conditions. The stress cracking of PET bottles is occurring due to injection point which is more vulnerable for its amorphous nature, unlike the sides of the bottles, whose strength is determined by a certain degree of orientation. Stress cracking occurs due to excessive carbonation or internal pressure, material distribution, exposure to UV rays, high temperature, and intrinsic viscosity. The bottle bursting strength testing machine is a profoundly progressed and new age show to check the jug or compartment execution continuously weight.

Recently, 1.5L PET bottles of a popular carbonated soft drink due to non-conformity, caused a loss of a crucial amount of bottles, the disposal of defective products and the careful examination and selection of in-house stocks. Inspections disclosed no failure in the blowing process that leads to imagine over-carbonation and transport conditions as the triggering events. The thorough analysis of intrinsic viscosity of bottles and preforms revealed that there was the non-conformity with the specification.

Despite the product conformity that concerns with thermal stability, stress cracking, burst test performed in alkaline conditions, PET bottles performances and quality can be changed if the intrinsic viscosity of the material does not satisfy the specifications. It shows that the intrinsic viscosity plays an important role, in addition to other routine determinations, in quality control of PET bottles which is addressed to carbonated soft drinks packaging. The usage of such a tool is vital to prevent complex problems that occur in the distribution chain like claims, withdrawal and disposal of defected pieces.

Busting Strength Tester Machine address the rate at which a container’s volume grows under an indicated measure of weight. The test mechanical assembly is structured after worldwide test measures used for burst test. It adheres to ASTM C147-86(2015) standards. The sample is exposed to increased pressurised air within the chamber. Amid which the obstruction limit is seen against the blasting weight. 

Burst Strength Tester assesses the volumetric development of PET holders under pressurised conditions till the jug bursts. The instrument is furnished with the digitalised show for accuracy in the test result, the gear guarantees zero error in count and information report. The screen displays LED lights introduced for clear vision in between low light conditions. Pneumatic power or weight conveyance is used to direct the test that guarantees no manual interference and low level errors.

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