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Test the impact resistance of your glass bottles with the Presto impact tester

Glass Bottles Impact Tester

Glass bottles are often used to hold liquids. However, glass is a brittle material and can easily break when exposed to external forces, such as impact or vibration. As a result, it is important to test the impact resistance of glass bottles before they are delivered to the customers.

The Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles is a simple and accurate lab testing instrument that is used to test the impact resistance of glass bottles. With the help of this lab testing equipmentyou can easily conduct impact resistance tests on different materials like containers, bottles, windshields, etc. This lab testing instrument offered by Presto Lab Testing Instruments will help you to create a reproducible force that helps to test the strength of glass bottles with ease. So, let us get started!

Introduction about impact resistance tester of glass bottles

The quality of glass bottles has a direct impact on the products that they contain. In order to ensure that glass bottles can withstand the rigors of transport and storage, it is essential to test their resistance to external forces. By doing so, manufacturers can be assured that their products will reach customers in perfect condition. With Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles, you will be able to test the ability of bottles to withstand the impact. Thus, your glass bottles should be robust enough to withstand harsh working conditions. This impact resistance tester, designed by Presto, is a widely used bottle testing instrument and helps to test the durability of bottles against reproducible forces. By subjecting glass bottles to these quality tests, manufacturers can be confident that they are providing their customers with a high-quality product.

Below, we have listed the features and technical specifications of the Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles.

Features of Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles

The Impact tester for Glass bottles is essential testing equipment for any bottle manufacturing firm that manufactures glass bottles or jars. This machine tests the resistance of the glass to breakage, allowing manufacturers to predict how the material will behave under actual conditions. Below, we have listed the features of the Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles.

  • The impact level is adjustable over a range of up to 2.6 Newton / Meter of available energy
  • Anti-friction needle bearings provide accurate alignment with minimum inertia
  • The rigid, light-weight suspension carries a permanently aligned pendulum assembly
  • The Head is designed to maximize the impact force applied to the bottle
  • The stainless steel collet chute retains fragments from rigid containers while the shell design
  • eliminates interference with testing
  • Steel backstop with adjustable positioning guide
  • Screw and crank provide rapid, accurate, and reproducible height adjustment

Technical Specifications of Presto impact resistance tester for glass bottles

  • Test Load: 61 gm ±5gm, 68 gm ±5gm, 250gm ±10gm,
  • Bottle Sample Clamp: Adjustable up to 200 mm
  • Pendulum Shaft height: 250 mm ±5mm
  • Scale Range: up to 90 Degree
  • Scale Least Count: 1 Degree

These are the highly advanced features and technical specifications of this impact resistance tester for glass bottles. If you want to conduct the test using the Presto impact resistance tester, then you need to follow these simple steps mentioned below.

How to conduct impact resistance tests for glass bottles?

Impact resistance tester for glass bottles will help you to test the resistance capability of glass bottles against the break. To conduct the impact resistance test on glass bottles, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Hang the pendulum into releasing a lock.
  • Put the sample on the Sample plate and adjust the clamp back side of the sample.
  • Tight the weights in Pendulum as per your requirement otherwise, use 2.6Nw/m weight as per standard.
  • Adjust the angle as per the test requirements.                                                               
  • Release the pendulum from releasing the lock.
  • Commence the test.

In this way, you can easily conduct an impact resistance test on glass bottles with ease. To conduct a FREE sample testing session using this lab testing instrument, give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will arrange a FREE sample testing session and also guide you with all your queries and requirements.

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