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Thickness Gauges – Best Way To Analyze The Thickness Of Materials

In every production vertical, thickness gauges play an important role to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

In every production vertical, thickness gauges play an important role to ensure the safety and quality of the products. To measure the thickness of PET products accurately, Presto Stantest offers a broad range of thickness Gauges namely, Microtest® Magnetic Thickness Gauge, Minitest 6590 Durability and High Precision, Minitest 70 Pocket Sized Thickness Gauge and Magnamike 8600. Thickness gauges are of many types of coating thickness gauges, wall thickness gauges and many more. The instruments are widely used to measure the thickness of the plated and coated substrates and wall thickness of PET products & Preforms. These instruments are used to measure electroplating coatings, plastic coatings, enamel coating, nickel coating, Teflon Coating, wall thickness of PET bottles to ensure the quality of the PET products and many more. These testing instruments are highly portable and easy to use that can be operated by anyone in industrial laboratories for material testing and production testing.

The testing instruments helps to measure the thickness of the coating and various PET products. This type of testing is known as a Non-Destructive type of testing. This equipment is designed as per `the national and international standards that provide highly precise results. It is the best and highly accurate means to perform material testing of substrates. To know more about the instrument, contact Presto. Below mentioned is the list of Thickness Gauges supplied by Presto:

  • MicroTest Magnetic Thickness Gauge – It is the highly precise thickness gauge that works on magnetic attraction principle. It is widely used to measure the non-magnetic coatings on non-ferromagnetic and steel substrates.
  • Minitest 70 Pocket Sized Coating Thickness Gauge – The instrument is highly portable and pocket-sized measurement tools that comprises of four buttons and equipped with a clear digital display.
  • Mini Test 650 – Durability and High Precision – The instrument can be operated with the battery. The device is fitted with the backlit display and meter sensor cable.
  • Magnamike 8600 – Wall Thickness Gauge – It is a highly precise Wall Thickness gauge which is used to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles and preforms. The instrument is widely in PET & Preform manufacturing industries to ensure the quality and uniformity of the PET products.

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