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Different Materials That Cane B Tested Through Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuff Tester

Scuffing is a major problem that is faced by different materials in the packaging and paper industries. When the material is rubbed against any abrasive surface then it experiences, a high level of scuffing.

This process of scuffing can ruin the look of the material and can also cause the printed surface to deteriorate. The deterioration of the printed surface can cause the printed labels to look bad. The scuffing can be a big problem for the appearance of the packaging of the products. The manufacturers of the packaging materials need to test the packaging materials for the extent of scuffing that is experienced by the materials. This can be done with the help of a Scuff tester. The different materials that are tested for scuffing with these instruments are as follows.

The quality of the paper is a major factor that is necessary where the material is used. The scuffing of the paper can lead to a deteriorated surface which makes the material useless for different purposes such as printing. The scuff tester helps in determining the maximum amount of scuffing force that the material can bear until it becomes useless.

Cardboard and corrugated boards

The cardboard and corrugated boards are used for manufacturing the packaging boxes and if they are not resistant to scuffing then they might get deteriorated. This scuffing can cause an increase in the coefficient of friction of the boxes which makes them difficult to ship and transport. The scuff tester can be used for testing the scuff resistance of the materials to ensure the best quality of the products.

Apart from these, there are printed labels plastic films, and other similar materials that can be tested for scuff resistance using the scuff tester.

Presto offers the best scuff tester that is used by the packaging and printing industries to test the scuff resistance of various materials and products with great accuracy and precision.

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