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Guide to Best Quality PET Bottle Manufacturing

PET bottles act as a strong barrier against moisture and water. This is why it is the most preferred form of packaging across the world. It is widely used for transporting and storing for different items like powder, liquids, solids and semi-solids. To get the best quality PET bottles, it is important to perform the testing procedure according to the relative standards. In this post, we shall be discussing a few tests which are important for producing defect free batches in section wieght analysis using hot wire bottle cutter.

Buckling load testing – In this test, a top load tester applies weight from the top until deformity occurs. It is also called top load testing. This test is performed to assess the top load bearing capacity of the bottle without any buckling. Presto offers 2 models to perform this test. The results are displayed on pressure gauge or digital display. The compressive force is applied to the bottle. If the sampled bottles are experiencing buckling from the same spot every time, this means there is a manufacturing defect and thus needs reconsideration.


Strain viewer detection – Polariscope is used to determine in the preforms which are further blow moulded for making bottles. When light passes through the preform, it changes its path due to the occurrence of defect. This lead to the creating of birefringence phenomenon. It is important to identify the defect at an early stage thus avoiding any failure of the final product line.

Drop Testing – PET bottles are made to fall from a height using a motorised platform. The bottles are made to fall on sideways, on the bottom and neck wise. If it develops any defect the product is declared as failed. Usually, the bottle is filled with liquid prior testing. Due to the weight of liquid, the pressure varies.

Sectional weight measurement – Hot wire bottle cutter is used to cut the bottle into 3-4 sections, depending upon the size. It cuts the bottle efficiently without any deformity. Thus, giving precise sections. Each section is weighed separately to match the standards. If there is any discrepancy, it would give rise to balancing issues in the bottle.

Wall thickness measurement – It is very important for measuring the unevenness of the wall of the bottle. This helps a lot in down gauging of bottles. Thus, helps a lot in cutting down the prices. Magna-Mike 8600 can be used to measure the thickness. It works on the principle of Hall Effect measurement.

Tests performed by hot wire bottle cutter, top load tester, drop tester are destructive tests, whereas wall thickness test is a non-destructive test.

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