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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – Best Instrument For Section Weight Analysis

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

PET Products are used widely in different production verticals to fulfill the requirement of packaging. These bottles are preferred over secondary means of packaging to maintain the quality of the products in pharmaceutical industries and food and beverage industries to fill syrups, liquids, drugs in pharmaceutical industries and food items & beverages.

PET bottles are preferred, as is the safest and best medium to store the products, as they are non-reactive to any type of chemicals. Hence, the manufacturers must test the quality of these bottles before supplying them to the customers.

To Measure The Weight Of A Bottle Perfectly With the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

The major problem that occurs in the bottles during manufacturing is imperfect shape and dimension of the bottle that imbalances the bottle. The balance of the bottles can be ensured with the best testing strategy, i.e. Section Weight Analysis. This test is performed to check that the weight of each section of the PET bottles is perfect. To measure the weight of a bottle perfectly, the bottle is sectioned into three parts, i.e. top, cylindrical and bottom section. Then each section is weighed. This is done to manage the balancing ability of the bottles, which can be considered as an important quality defect if ignored.

At the time of cutting off bottles, the shape of the bottle can be deformed. This can be done efficiently with the help of high-quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. It is the best instrument which perfectly cuts the bottle into three sections without deforming the original shape of the bottle. Presto Stantest offers the high-quality of Hot Wire Cutter for cutting the bottles perfectly. The instrument comprises high-quality of blades to cut the bottles perfectly without deforming the original shape of the PET bottles. For more information on the product, consult our technocrats.

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