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Identify the PET structure defects with Polariscope strain viewer

Polariscope Strain Viewer

PET bottles and fiber bottle containers play an important part in the cosmetic, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Any strain or flaw that occurs during the preform molding process can impair the quality of the liquid that is placed within it. To make sure you deliver the technically correct product to your customers, you should test your products first. For this, you can easily make use of the Presto Polariscope strain viewer which is considered being the best testing instrument to measure the quality of the preforms.

The preforms are manufactured using the blow molding technique, which involves melting the plastic raw material at a certain temperature and then dropping it at a precise speed into the gaskets, which are formed inside into preforms. Testing the structural integrity of these materials will not only help you to deliver error-free products to your customers, but also help in the quality control process.

Here, we will discuss how this lab testing instrument will be helpful in evaluating the quality of PET and preforms.

Introduction to Presto Polariscope strain viewer

Preforms have a wide range of applications in the beverage and bottle industry. From packing a wide range of beverages, carbonated drinks, medicines, pickles, and other consumable products, these PET bottles or jars are used subsequently in different market segments.

Presto offers Polariscope strain viewer - Computerized, a highly efficient strain viewer that helps the manufacturers in testing the quality and transparency of the products so that the best quality assurance could be ensured for the customers. The working of this standardized strain viewer is based on the principle that any change in refractive index is due to different strain distribution, and this leads to lower transparency of the material. This lab testing instrument offered by Polariscope comes in a variety of sizes and specifications according to the requirements of the clients. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment. 

Features of Presto Polariscope strain viewer (Computerized model)

This Polariscope Strain Viewer uses the optical polarization principle to check the defects present in the PET containers. At this lab testing instrument, a PET sample is placed and is visualized at various angles, with the sample positioned at 45° and 90° in relation to the direction of light. After observing the defect from the top, the refracting light helps to identify the sort of faults. This can aid in the evaluation of a wide range of defects, including thermal degradation due to molecular deterioration, crystallinity, which affects hardness, density, transparency, and diffusion in the material, among others.

Thus, we at Presto have designed this testing equipment in such a way that makes it easy for you to test the structural defects present in the product. You can pattern created which is matched with the reference chart.

Below we have listed the features you will get with this defect strain viewer.

  • Two light intensities were offered: monochromatic light and Sodium Lamp.
  • Sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
  • Standard Template for viewing sample at 45º and 90º angle.
  • Large Viewing glass area.
  • High-resolution camera to take pictures with integrated POLCOM software
  • Standard reference defect pictures preloaded in software for easy reference
  • Pick & Place feature to compare test preform image with a standard image.
  • Test Report includes Reason For Defect Along With Suggested Action.
  • Inbuilt hardware/software CD.
  • Easy Data Management. Users can create product identification, company, checked by details, etc.

Technical Specifications of Presto Polariscope strain viewer (Computerized model)

  • The instrument provides a viewing area of 260mm x 240mm.
  • The machine works on the power supply of 220V.
  • The dimension of the testing instrument is 335x360x500 mm.
  • Standard T template Measuring Angle 45º and 90º

The Polariscope is accompanied by the software that allows computerized pattern matching, defect identification, and report generation. We at Presto offer you the best Polariscope strain viewer in India at the best and most affordable prices. To know more about the Polariscope priceworking, or other related information, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We have a team of technical experts that will help you solve all your queries.

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