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Ensure The Intact Strength Of PET Products With Vacuum Leak Tester

Vacuum Leak Tester

The PET product are widely used in Pharmaceutical industries and food and beverage industries to pack food items, beverages, and medicines. These products are majorly considered for packaging as that are safe to store consumable items. Like other normal thermoplastic materials, the PET products do release any kind of toxic fumes in the products when come in contact with other chemicals.

Moreover, these products are available in a significant number of sizes and shapes and are very economical to produce when compared to other options like glass bottles. The PET bottles are stronger than compared to glass bottles and are best to pack various crucial products like medicines, beverages and many more. It is highly mandatory for the producers in PET & Preform industries to analyze the integrity and quality of the bottles so that only the foremost quality of bottles is provided to the customers.

One of the testing devices which is used to measure the quality of the packaging products is Vacuum Leak Tester. The instrument is highly effective in helping the manufacturers of PET bottles to ensure that they do not have any kind of leakage are completely intact in nature. The testing instrument creates an extremely pressurized vacuum to measure the intact strength and integrity of the PET bottles. In this manner, the PET manufacturers ensure that the eatable and other products will remain fresh and safe for an extended period of time. Moreover, this also helps to prevent the spillage of the products.

Test Procedure to Perform Vacuum Leak Test

To perform the test with Vacuum Tester. Place the test sample in its place and then provide a sufficient amount of vacuum to the products. After creating the vacuum, inspect the bottle to see any kind of deformation or development of bubbles in the bottles. If any kind of bubbles is seen in the bottle, it means there is some leakage in the bottle. With Vacuum Leak Tester, the manufacturers of PET industries can easily ensure that the bottles are free from leakage and can be used to pack consumable products.

Choose Best Quality Vacuum Leak Tester Manufacturer

The vacuum Leak Tester is the best testing instrument which not only helps to test the leakage property of PET products but also helps to measure the leakage of pouches, plastic bags, and ensure the safety of the product Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing instrument offers high-quality of vacuum leak tester to measure the intact strength of packaging products and PET bottles. If you want to know more about this lab testing equipment, then you can give a call at  +91 9210903903 or email at The team of technical experts at Presto will easily consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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