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Role of Section Weight Analysis in Quality Assurance of PET Bottles

The PET bottles are widely used for packaging of different products and materials in different industries. 

The PET bottles are widely used for packaging of different products and materials in different industries. Most of the products that are packaged in the PET bottles are in liquid form. Hence, the bottle quality needs extra attention so that the products are safe in the bottles. The major concerns that need to be addressed during the manufacturing and quality check of the PET bottles are the balance of the bottles; the bottle burst strength, seal integrity and seal security of the bottles and leakage in the bottles. There are many different tests conducted to detect any quality flaw in the bottles, and one such test is the section weight analysis.

Benefits of Section Weight Analysis

The Section weight analysis of the Pet bottles helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the bottle they produce are of best quality and are fit for use in packaging industries. Here are some of the benefits of the Section weight analysis.

  1. With section weight analysis, it could be ensured that weight of every section of the bottle is in right proportion so that the balance of the bottle is perfect. This will prevent the bottles from tripping over and over again.
  2. When section weight analysis is performed, the manufacturers can determine whether the material used in the manufacturing is evenly spread. This helps in saving money by preventing uneven distribution of the materials.
  3. When the material is evenly distributed, it also helps in increasing the strength of the final products.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for accurate analysis

In order to perform the section weight analysis, the PET bottles need to be cut clean without any deformation in the original shape of the bottle. This can be done with the help of an instrument called Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The instrument uses heated wires for cutting three different section of bottles with great accuracy and without causing any deformation.

Presto offers the best quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutters that are capable of cutting three or more sections of a test specimen with great accuracy and precision.

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